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Fabric Shopping at the LA Fashion District, CA

For any sewing lover, fabric shopping is not done with a particular purpose in mind. There just comes a time when textiles make you happy. Touching, feeling gives a rush that’s just difficult to explain to a non-sewer. Its the endless possibility that gets us going. ‘Will this be the most beautiful skirt I’ve made so far?’ Oh, this reminds me of a Victoria Beckham dress I saw on Pinterest.’ ‘I bet I can finally make that McCalls P455’ or ‘I bet I could use this for that Mimi G pattern I saw on Instagram’ 🙂 See what i mean? The possibilities are just endless…

But in all honesty, anyone that sews will understand this picture belowSewing

I recently went to the Fashion District in LA, California! I’m not quite sure where to even begin to describe how much of an awesome experience this was but you will not be sorry you went. As a matter of fact, you will mourn the amount of money you have spent in the past at your local fabric stores because they have incredible deals. Added bonus, you can negotiate prices with most of the sellers.  If you plan on going there, you better be prepared to walk. Have the most comfortable shoes on hand and don’t carry anything heavy. Remember where you left your car so you don’t have to lug around heavy bags with you. If you must take anything from this post, just know that fabric shopping in LA is an event. One which must not be taken lightly and must be executed with precise planning in order to positively effect your fabric stash. Carry cash and don’t worry about food and drink because there are a number of small food courts and trucks.

Just so you know, fabrics are not the only thing you can buy there. My friend bought a lot for her store and the good thing is that the wholesalers will negotiate with you. You can find anything from Clothing: retail and wholesale; fake designer stuff; that Quinceanera dress you’ve been searching for; Fabric; All types of notions at really good prices and if you forget to bring a backpack, don’t worry they got you covered.

Here is some of what i got from my trip…

Prices of the fabric above range from 99c/yard to the beautiful Italian fabric which was $16/yard and i managed to talk it down to $9/yard

I was happy to find a store that sold African fabric. I think it’s called Ashanti Fabrics and they have quite an extensive collection that will make any zealous Ankara-lover happy.

I did buy some zippers, sewing thread and serger thread which is is nicely stored and i don’t feel like taking it out for pictures.

Next time you’re in LA, I recommend you go there and see for yourself.

Happy sewing!   mjaxmy1jnmewmzyyowvlmwi2njri

2 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping at the LA Fashion District, CA

  1. Woowwwww! You are one lucky ladyyyy! All that fabric in one place?? I would go nuts, haha! But i can totally relate and understand how happy you were to score all of those fabrics… And the african prints are so cute. Maybe it is abouttime i made a trip to Ghana. They have a market like this full of fabrics! It is overwhelming when you go there my dear. Can`t wait to see what you make from them..

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    1. Thank you Milly! You are so right; i was literally losing my mind at this market. I don’t think anyone can buy too much fabric 🙂 And it was pretty cool to find a store that sold African fabrics. One of the store owners suggested going to Shanghai, China because he said the fabric is much more affordable and you can find a variety. There is also a blogger i follow and her website is She is based in Hong Kong and she also put up a post recently about fabric shopping there.


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