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Healthy Grilled Salmon Kebabs

April 2016 032

I have not done this in a while but with grilling season right around the corner, i thought i’d do some grilled kebabs. This is such an easy meal to prep and cook. Such a healthy and delicious meal that you can cook during the week or the weekend.

Cut up some thin slices of 2 fresh lemons. (i used a lime because i was lazy to go to the grocery store ) You can use the citrus fruit to marinate the fish for about 30 mins to an hr. Also add, dill, garlic and olive oil.

April 2016 011
Its great if the fish does not already have a skin on it

Cut up the vegetables you want to cook with your fish

April 2016 009
Yes, i eventually found the lemons i needed

While your grill is preheating or for me the pan, add the fish and vegetables to your kebab sticks

April 2016 014

Grill for about 20 mins 7-10 mins before flipping and serve immediately

.Bon appetit!!

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