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Easy to make shift dress…no pattern

Any sewing fanatic knows how dangerous it is to go into a fabric store. Fabric porn is truly hazardous to health and finances. And that is why i love shift dresses. They are so easy to make and they do not require much fabric to sew so generally making it a cheaper go to. Here is one of my versions. I love the cotton fabric because it does not shrink when i washed it. I have also worn this dress a couple if times now and i love it!

If you don’t having a cutting table, it is perfectly fine to cut your material from the floor which is what i did here. Using a dress i already have, i cut out the dress including the seam allowance. The material i used is non-stretchy and keep that in mind when cutting out the material.

PicMonkey Collage
Finished shift dress styled with clogs from target and mustard cardigan also from target.



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